Locus is a rapper/producer and native of Baltimore. Locus has performed at various open mic sessions throughout Baltimore City. As well as an opening act for lil Dirk, Young Moose, Damond Blue, French Montana, Wale and Seven Streeter.  


Imp Beatz was his original stage name, given to him by a childhood friend, but through evolution as a man and artist, the name Locus was fitting for him.  Locus means a particular position, point, or place.  In mathematics it is a curve or other figure formed by all the points satisfying a particular equation of the relation between coordinates, or by a point, line, or surface moving according to mathematically defined conditions.  Locus is strategic and ensures he is direct, and specific in his execution of music.


He refines his craft by being honest.  His thought process is to try to tell the blunt truth all day, so that when he writes it will be second nature.  In his music he chronicles experiences from growing up in the west side of Baltimore.  It is a raw showing of life in the ghetto and its explicit reality.  He describes his truthful works of music as “collages of beauty”. He believes that "if you lie, you miss out on that subconscious work". Locus wants his music to be true to him and his audience. 


 He comes from a family full of musical influence and he played the trumpet as a child and into his late teens. He recalls seeing how shiny the trumpet was and wanting to play it at a very young age. His passion for music began when he was introduced to jazz. The way certain chords made him feel created his desire to begin producing beats.


The sun is a source of inspiration for Locus. He finds the beauty in God’s creation. Locus reflects on a book given to him by his mother.  “Knowledge of the Secret Heart” He was intrigued by a passage in the book which speaks on how people and the sun are one. He believes he uses words to manifest a positive reality in his life. He believes HIP HOP is with him every step of his life. 

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